The PEAK Sport culture is inspired by the “Faster, Stronger, Higher” motto of the Olympics. PEAK Sport has established itself as one of the world’s fastest growing footwear and apparel brands through its design, quality and patented technologies. Established in 1989, PEAK Sport now has a distribution network of nearly 8,000 PEAK retail outlets in over 110

PEAK believes that everyone is a “player” in life, and no matter for fun, competition or health, everyone CAN PLAY. Sports create a domain where boundaries are broken, limits are tested and life is slowed to a defining step and a defining second. The level of game is not what matters. PEAK believes the power is simply “TO PLAY”.

Around the world, PEAK Sport provides footwear, apparel and accessories to many countries for both Summer and Winter Olympic Games.

For us Kiwis PEAK plays a vital part of the New Zealand sporting calendar. PEAK is the official partner providing apparel for New Zealand Basketball Association and also New Zealand Olympic Committee. The Olympic Team, The Tall Blacks and The Tall Ferns will be proudly wearing PEAK products when they represent New Zealand.

UNIXMO Ltd is the only authorized distributor of PEAK products within New Zealand. We are not able to guarantee authenticity or warranty for products not distributed by us.

Everyone, everywhere has the potential to reach their PEAK!

UNIXMO Ltd Trading as Peak Sport New Zealand.

Peak Sport New Zealand
PO BOX 97130
Manukau City
Auckland 2241